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As part of Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), all Mutual Funds are required to comply with the “Know Your Customer” guidelines. These guidelines enlist steps to ensure all their investors receive due diligence. A systemised process put in place on the request of Association of Mutual Fund Industry (AMFI) and Mutual Funds. This process intends to keep investors away from the hassle of producing the proof documents to all the funds at the time of investment.

This means that all investors have to be KYC compliant to invest in Mutual Funds.

An investor can apply for KYC under any of the following categories and sub-categories (based on the Mutual Fund investor categories):

  • Resident Indian
  • Non-Resident Indian

  • Body Corporate
  • Partnership
  • Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)s
  • Trusts
  • Financial Institutions
  • Foreign Financial Institutions (FII)
  • Association of Person
  • Bank
  • Government Body
  • Defence Establishment
  • Any Other

In line with SEBI circular No. MIRSD/Cir-5/2012 dated April 13, 2012 and various other guidelines issued by SEBI on the procedural matters for KYC Compliances, the Investors are requested to note the following additional provisions shall be applicable for “KYC Compliances” with effect from December 1, 2012:

In case of an existing investor of Canara Robeco Mutual Fund and who is already KYC Compliant under the erstwhile centralized KYC, then there will be no effect on subsequent purchase/Additional Purchase (or ongoing SIPs/STPs,etc) in the existing folios/accounts which are KYC compliant. Existing Folio holder cannot open a new folio with Canara Robeco Mutual Fund with the erstwhile centralized KYC.

2) In case of an existing investor of Canara Robeco Mutual Fund and who is not KYC Compliant as per our records, the investor will have to submit the standard KYC Application forms available in the website along with supporting documents at any of the SEBI registered intermediaries at the time of purchase / additional purchase/ new registration of SIP/STP etc. In Person Verification (IPV) will be mandatory at the time of KYC Submission. This uniform KYC submission would a onetime submission of documentation.

3) Investors who have complied with KYC process before December 31, 2011 (KYC status as “MF - VERIFIED”) and not invested in the schemes of Canarar Robeco Mutual Fund i.e not opened a folio earlier, and wishes to invest on or after December 01, 2012, such investors will be required to submit ‘missing/not available’ KYC information and complete the IPV requirements. Updation of ‘missing / not available’ KYC information along with IPV is currently a one-time requirement and needs to be completed with any one of the mutual funds i.e. need not be done with all the mutual funds where investors have existing investments. Once the same is done then the KYC status will change to ‘Verified’ after due verification. In such a scenario, where the KYC status changes to ‘Verified’, investors need not submit the ‘missing/not available’ KYC information to mutual funds again.

a) In case of Individual investors, following details needs to be submitted:

  • i. Father’s/Spouse’s Name,
  • ii. Marital Status,
  • iii. Nationality,
  • iv. Gross Annual Income or Net worth as on recent date
  • v. In-Person Verification (IPV) Individual Investors are required to submit ‘KYC Details Change Form’ available on website
b) In case of Non Individual investors, complied with KYC process before December 31, 2011, KYC needs to be done afresh due to significant and major changes in KYC requirements.

In person verification is must for KYC compliance. Investors can visit any of our Branches or Karvy Branches for verification with original documents :

  • Please Click Here for KYC application for Individuals
  • Documents required for KYC : Pan Card, Address proof, Cheque for investment ,Photograph (Please refer to the KYC form for documents accepted as address proof)
  • All documents have to self attested
  • In person verification can be done at any of the Mutual fund branches or our R&T agent Branches
Official point of acceptance of the documents :