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Financial solutions

When it comes to achieving your financial goals, you don’t just want advice, but a proper plan that suits your needs. Canara Robeco’s Financial Solutions Tool does just that! So be it planning for your new car or an exotic vacation, or any other goal you wish to plan for, use our comprehensive tool to find your suitable investment option for achieving your goal.

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goalplan - Dream Home

New House

Buying a house is a dream for every individual. One needs to plan properly and invest wisely for the same to be able to get to the goal in a stipulated time.

goalplan - Child's education

Child’s Higher Education

Kids are the most important part of a parent’s life. Investing for their education is utmost necessary in planning their child’s future.

goalplan - Child's wedding

Child’s Marriage

Marriage in everyone’s life is a very important occasion. A child’s marriage if not planned well could be burdensome. To avoid such a situation, one should invest wisely and plan for the same properly.

goalplan - Retirement planning


Every working individual wishes to retire early and also make a sizeable corpus. If retirement planning done right one can achieve an early retirement.

goalplan - Vacation planning

Exotic Vacation

An exotic vacation is something that not just one person but the whole family looks forward to. A good vacation includes a lot of small things which one needs to cover and take care of. Proper investing can make your dream turn into a reality.

goalplan - Wealth creation

Create Wealth

Accumulation of assets (especially those that generate income) over a long period of time is everyone’s dream. Investing can help create such assets over a period of time.

goalplan - Dream Car

Fancy Car

Buying a fancy car is not easy and takes some serious planning. One needs to plan and invest in the right asset classes so that attaining this goal would become an easy task.

goalplan - Start up/New venture

New Business

Any business that one needs to start takes a lot of research and investment. While you do the research let the financial planning be done by us.

goalplan - Customize your goal


If you do not find your goals in the ones listed above, don’t worry. You can still plan for your goal by using our tool.

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