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With effect from December 9, 2013, U.S. Persons and Residents of Canada are not permitted to invest in any of the Schemes of Canara Robeco Mutual Fund. Read the issued notice cum addendum in this reference.

I am not a US Person / Resident Of Canada I am a US Person / Resident Of Canada

Assess your risk profile

In which investments do you have highest allocation?

Which statement is close to your investment philosophy?

Have you ever borrowed money to make an investment other than your own home
(for example: an investment property; holiday home; share portfolio; margin loan; etc)?

Suppose you own an equity portfolio that has fallen by 20% this month. How would you react?

You have inherited a sizeable amount recently. How would you invest the same?

Imagine you were in a job where you could choose to be paid a fixed salary, variable salary or a mix of both. Which would you pick?

Approximately what portion of your monthly net income goes towards paying of installments (for loans)?

Which of the following age brackets do you currently fall in?

What is the size of your emergency fund?

Your risk profile is



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