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Your father's advice for potential growth always
has your best interests built-in.

Just like the Canara Robeco Dual Advantage Fund.

This close-ended hybrid fund invests in a blend of debt and equity. It seeks to provide stability to the capital invested in debt and also offers an opportunity to gain from equities to get a balanced risk reward profile from the investments made.

Canara Robeco Dual Advantage Fund Series 1

(Close-ended Hybrid Scheme)
Tenure: 1105 days

NFO opens on 18th May, 2018
NFO closes on 01st June, 2018
To know more,
visit: Call: 1800 209 2726

Canara Robeco Dual Advantage

Fund Series 1

Disclaimer :+

Subject to current Tax laws, for personal tax implication investors are requested to consult their tax advisors before investing.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.