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Canara Robeco Liquid

Disclaimer : Information on Thinly Traded/Non Traded and Unlisted securities is available for portfolio disclosed on monthly basis and hence the same is not covered in weekly portfolio disclosure.

Current Expense Ratio (#) :

Regular Plan : 0.10% with effect from 1st February, 2018
Direct Plan : shall have a lower expense ratio by 0.06% with effect from 28th February, 2018

(#) Any change in the expense ratio will be updated within two working days.

Including GST on Investment Management Fees, if any.
The expense ratio disclosed above may differ from the actual expense ratio since it is a function of variation in AUM on a daily basis.


Scheme NameCurrent NavNAV Dt
Canara Robeco Liquid Fund-Direct Daily Dividend1005.500024/06/2018
Canara Robeco Liquid Fund-Direct Dividend1529.697124/06/2018
Canara Robeco Liquid Fund-Direct Growth2136.637224/06/2018
Canara Robeco Liquid Fund-Direct Monthly Dividend1005.233024/06/2018
Canara Robeco Liquid Fund-Direct Weekly Dividend1000.924824/06/2018
Canara Robeco Liquid Fund-Regular Daily Dividend1005.500024/06/2018
Canara Robeco Liquid Fund-Regular Growth2131.704424/06/2018
Canara Robeco Liquid Fund-Regular Monthly Dividend1005.191924/06/2018
Canara Robeco Liquid Fund-Regular Weekly Dividend1000.918224/06/2018
Canara Robeco Liquid Fund-Unclaimed Redemption And Dividend Direct Growth1161.225624/06/2018