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Canara Robeco GILT PGS

Current Expense Ratio (#) :

Regular Plan : ​1.25% with effect from 1st January 2015.
Direct Plan : shall have a lower expense ratio by 0.50% with effect from 10th January 2017

(#) Any change in the expense ratio will be updated within two working days.

Including Service Tax on Investment Management Fees, if any.

In addition a proportionate charge in respect of sales beyond T-15 cities subject to maximum of 30 bps on daily net assets will be applicable.


Scheme NameCurrent NavNAV Dt
Canara Robeco GILT PGS-Auto Repurchase46.442820/01/2017
Canara Robeco GILT PGS-Direct Dividend15.184820/01/2017
Canara Robeco GILT PGS-Direct Growth47.246120/01/2017
Canara Robeco GILT PGS-Regular Dividend14.896020/01/2017
Canara Robeco GILT PGS-Regular Growth46.442820/01/2017