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Investing in the Capital Protection Oriented Fund
is like asking your dad for advice.

You can be sure you don’t risk too much.

Canara Robeco Capital Protection Oriented Fund-Series 9

(A Closed Ended Capital Protection Oriented Scheme)
Tenure: 1134 days

The Canara Robeco Capital Protection Oriented Fund does exactly that. It invests a major part of your money in fixed income assets (70%-100%) and a much smaller portion in equity (0%-30%). The fixed income part endeavours to protect your capital while the equity investment aims to provide growth. It's just one of the many funds from Canara Robeco that can provide you with an opportunity to have a smart tomorrow.

NFO opens on 09th Feb, 2018
NFO closes on 23rd Feb, 2018
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Why should someone invest in a Capital protection Oriented Fund?

Every investor aims to generate maximum returns by taking minimum risks. Investors look to capture market opportunities to maximize returns. The interest rate scenario in the recent times has given investors with a medium to long-term perspective to invest at higher yields. With the long-term trend of the interest rate movement expected to be downwards, investors may have to be satisfied with lower interest income leading to lower overall returns. During such a time, locking in high interest rates seems to be the most prudent decision an investor can make.

Indian macroeconomic parameters are presenting a healthy picture:
  • Current Account Deficit, Fiscal Deficit and Inflation are at comfortable levels; however, intermittent volatility prevails which could reduce over time

  • GDP growing at a steady pace post the intermediate hiccups of GST implementation and Demonetization

  • With Government of India undertaking major reforms such as GST implementation, recapitalization of banks and insolvency bills, the Indian economy is expected to strengthen further

  • Current market presents a better investment opportunity not only in the Indian fixed income markets but also in Indian equities

Therefore, one can look to invest in a fund that captures the upside potential of equity markets as well as aims to safeguard the invested capital or in other words, a fund which predominantly invests in debt to lock in the current interest rates while a small portion is invested in equities. Hence, a Capital Protection Oriented Fund serves as a “one-stop solution” offering both exposure to low volatility and potentially generating better returns.


Capital Protection Oriented Fund invests in a blend of debt and equity whereby it seeks to protect the capital by investing in debt instruments along with an opportunity to gain from the exposure to equities.

The fund invests in high quality debt instruments aiming to grow to 100% (refer illustration below) till maturity, through regular interest income. Also, the fund invests in a diverse portfolio of large & mid cap stocks and tries to enhance overall portfolio return.

The above example is only for illustration purposes, purely to explain the concept of the scheme and should not be taken as any indication of either capital protection or equity market returns. The scheme expenses are not considered in the illustration. The actual allocation can be different within the Asset Allocation and Investment Pattern mentioned in the SID.

The illustration is purely to explain the concept of orientation towards protection of original investment at Scheme’s maturity period of 1134 days. The portion of debt/equity portfolio does not offer any assured returns and is subject to market risks including risk of issuer default. The equity returns generated by the scheme would depend on the portion of asset allocated to equity. The actual allocation can be different within the Asset Allocation and Investment Pattern mentioned in the SID.

Benefits of investing in Debt and Equity over long-term

  • Debt as an asset provides stability to the overall portfolio
  • Equity seeks to generate long-term capital appreciation

Canara Robeco Capital Protection Oriented

Fund Series 9


Scheme NameCurrent NavNAV Dt
Canara Robeco Capital Protection Oriented Fund - Series 9-Direct Dividend10.543221/01/2019
Canara Robeco Capital Protection Oriented Fund - Series 9-Direct Growth10.543221/01/2019
Canara Robeco Capital Protection Oriented Fund - Series 9-Regular Dividend10.450321/01/2019
Canara Robeco Capital Protection Oriented Fund - Series 9-Regular Growth10.450321/01/2019
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Subject to current Tax laws, for personal tax implication investors are requested to consult their tax advisors before investing.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.